Eggs with Smoked Salmon, Goat Cheese, and Lamb's Quarters

This morning Dave made breakfast, and as I took the first bite he said "Guess what's in these eggs?" It was a variation on our usual breakfast of scrambled eggs with green onions and goat cheese. I thought about what we had in the fridge. Kale? Nope. Radish greens? Nope. Uhh... I looked out over the backyard garden, with its wide array of weeds. Lambs' quarters? Yes!! I love surprises.

Lambs' quarters are one of the most common weeds in my garden. Here it flourishes among the gladiolus... and pretty much everywhere else.

I'm here to tell you, they are delicious. Like spinach, only better. Seriously, people, why fuss over spinach when you could have this stuff for free? It's a lot easier to grow, and at least as tasty. (I'm not the only one who thinks so.)


We smoked a salmon last weekend. When I say we, I mean that I plan the project and cure the meat, by rubbing it with spices, salt, and sugar, and tending to it in the fridge for anywhere between a few hours to a week... and Dave does the smoking. In this case, it meant that we started the smoking around dinnertime, then Dave stayed up until midnight tending the coals to keep the temperature between 150-160°F until the fish reached an internal temperature of 140°F. He likes to stay up late anyway, and the salmon turned out just as delicious as I'd hoped!

1 green onion
1 tall stalk of lambs' quarters
1 oz. smoked salmon
1 T. olive oil
4 eggs
1 oz. goat cheese

Mince or slice the green onion and strip the leaves from the lambs' quarters. Break up the salmon into little pieces. Add all this with the oil to a skillet on medium heat just to warm it up a bit. Whisk the eggs and add them to the pan. Gently scrape the eggs into the middle as they cook, so that the liquid flows onto the bottom of the pan at the edges, until it's all just barely cooked - still soft, but not runny. Crumble the goat cheese and gently fold it in. Serve hot, with sourdough toast and strong coffee.


Anonymous said…
Lamb's quarters grow with my kale--and all through the little garden--so they are harvested for dinner right along with the kale and the pea foliage. Makes gardening seem easy....LOL
Anonymous said…
Oops, forgot to say thanks for this recipe. Going to enjoy it with local cheese, my one LQ and grocery store salmon. Happy day.......
Anonymous said…
Lordamercy! Autocorrect likes "one" instead of 'own'.

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