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Homemade Pita Bread and Beet Baba Ganoush - Baking with PNW Grains

Making pita at home is fun and easy! Now that I've done it, I think I'll do it a lot more. Any time I make hummus from scratch or roast chicken shawarma, there's time to make fresh pita. The beet baba ganoush is a delightful winter substitution when eggplant is out of season - you can also try it with other roasted veggies. Back in Albuquerque, we loved this Middle Eastern restaurant and grocery called San Pedro Mart - a hidden gem, in true ABQ style. The building was obviously an old mini-mart, off a seemingly characterless thoroughfare, but wow, did they make great pita and falafel. Every time I eat pita, I think of that place. There was a guy about our age behind the counter who absolutely cranked it out all day long - the crispiest falafel in town, silky hummus, spicy shawarma, creamy fava bean foul mudammas... and fresh pita. You could buy pita by the dozen and they were so delicious. All the while he was chatting, serving tables, cleaning up, super friendly a

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