About Me

Yeah, I get a little excited about vegetables.

I'm Amy, and I am totally obsessed with vegetables. OK, fruits too. There are so many gorgeous varieties and flavors...  People ask me if I'm a vegetarian, and I say no - I just love vegetables! I just can't resist them at the farmers' market, I look forward to our local CSA box every week, I grow more in my garden, and I still love to browse through the produce section at the grocery store.

With a veggie obsession like this, I had to do something... so I started this blog as an outlet for my constant daydreaming about how to cook and grow veggies. I just want to show people how spectacularly delicious vegetables can be, without cheating by hiding them under loads of cream and bread crumbs. I think the value of a blog is that the writer genuinely loves the recipe, talks about its history and points out trouble spots - I only write about recipes that I think are really, truly delicious.

I don't know quite when this veggie obsession developed, but it started young. My grandmother had a huge vegetable garden on the farm in Illinois - they almost never bought produce, and the basement was stocked full of home-canned goodies. Her sugar snap peas and strawberries were always ready right around my birthday, and I loved just sitting out in the warm dirt eating them, with butterflies floating all around. My mom is a great cook, and she always used lots of vegetables because they were cheaper than meat. The great thing about seasonal produce is that it's cheapest when it's at its peak of freshness and flavor!

I lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for 14 years with my husband, Dave, in an old adobe house with two cats, four chickens, eight fruit trees, and a vegetable garden that filled the front and back yards. In 2016, we started a new adventure in my hometown of Seattle. I'm enjoying spending more time with family and exploring, writing, eating, and gardening in such a different climate.

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