Peach Old-Fashioned

More fruit from my friend Margarita! I usually think of peaches as an August fruit, but some varieties are already ripe now. We picked three big grocery sacks of these gorgeous little peaches from a little peach tree her nephew planted. I've been doing an unbelievable amount of canning - first all those apricots, and now 6 pints of peach jam and 3 pints of peach barbecue sauce. And while I'm slaving over the the hot stove, I'm drinking one of these lovely Peach Old-Fashioned cocktails.

1 small peach, or a couple slices of a grocery store-sized one
2 dashes bitters
A splash of simple syrup, or 1 tsp sugar and a splash of water
2 oz. whiskey
Lots of ice

Muddle peach with bitters and sugar in the bottom of a glass. Add 2 cubes of ice and 1 oz. whiskey, and stir vigorously, until the ice is somewhat dissolved. Add 2 more cubes of ice and remaining whiskey, and stir vigorously again. Add more ice and garnish with a peach slice (or a whole tiny peach!)


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