Sweet and Savory Crepes

Last weekend, we had a fabulous breakfast with our friends Dan and Viv - crepes, with sweet and savory fillings. Viv made the crepes, some with coconut milk, some with whole wheat flour.

We brought fresh spinach, ham, and fresh oyster mushrooms from the farmers' market, grown by Exotic Edibles of Edgewood. For the crepe recipe I use, and the spinach filling with veloute sauce, see my earlier post about spinach crepes. We made these the same way, but added chopped ham to some and oyster mushrooms to others. For the mushrooms, I just lightly browned them in olive oil with green onions, garlic, salt and pepper, then added a splash of white wine at the end and cooked a bit more until the wine evaporated.

And for sweet stuff, we brought fresh peaches from Montoya's Orchard, and Cort Pendu Plat apples from our tree (this is the first year we've had a really good crop, and they taste fantastic!) I cut up the peaches and tossed them with a few tablespoons of sugar to macerate. The apples were just sauteed in butter, with a little cinnamon added at the end. One of my favorite crepe fillings is actually apples (or applesauce) and bacon, but we were trying to keep it light. All in all, a perfect Sunday morning.


Chris said…
Wow, this looks incredible!

By the way, just wanted you to know that we've re-started a community yoga program in the space at The Source. We'd appreciate your help in getting the word out and hope to see you in class sometime soon!



Shaheen said…
I keep meaning to make some savoury crepes, esp. as I've puchased buckwheat.

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