Minted Pomegranate Yogurt and Citrus Salad/Breakfast/Dessert

This is funny because I would never have thought to combine yogurt with citrus, or mint with citrus, but it is absolutely wonderful!  We have been getting tons of citrus fruits from Los Poblanos this winter - I have oranges just piling up, because they are just so much more work to eat than an apple.

We just had this for breakfast and it was the best thing ever!  Which is funny too, coming from me, because normally I'd say my favorite is corned beef hash.  The recipe is adapted from Ghillie Basan's Modern Moroccan cookbook.

1 cup plain yogurt
1 tsp dried mint
1-2 saffron threads (optional)
2 Tbs honey
1 ripe pomegranate
1 red grapefruit
2 oranges

Mix the honey, mint and saffron into the yogurt. Warming the honey slightly makes it easier to mix with the yogurt (10-20 seconds in the microwave will do it). Seed the pomegranate and fold the seeds in with the yogurt. Cut the top and bottom off of each fruit and slice the skin off vertically, making sure to remove most or all of the pith. Then cut between the membranes to remove the segments (with oranges it is not so important to cut off all the membrane, but with grapefruits the membrane is pretty bitter so I always remove it).

Pile the yogurt on top of the citrus and serve immediately.  I don't think this would keep well, so eat it all at once!


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