The first post to the vegetable blog - the one that everyone will miss and no one will go back to read...

It has been a fantastic year for our garden, another fabulous season at the farmers' market, and we have just started subscribing to the Los Poblanos Organics box again!  We have such an abundance of vegetables, Dave and I finally got inspired to start documenting some of our culinary inspirations.

Many people are at a loss when it comes to thinking up delicious ways to cook vegetables, especially some of the more unusual ones, like kohlrabi or rutabagas.  Well, this is my obsession.  I'm talking about really yummy, "I can't get enough of this marvelous flavor" vegetable recipes.  Not just some bland bunch of steamed veggies on brown rice, not some gloppy lentil soup with every kind of veggie you don't know how to cook thrown in... Not even a gratin slathered in cream and cheese and breadcrumbs - that's cheating, you're not tasting the vegetable, you're tasting creamy goodness with just a hint of veg, and you just can't eat that kind of thing every night! And since you should eat vegetables every night (nutritionists are now saying half of every meal you eat should be veggies), we could all use some better ideas about how to cook them.

Why eat boring food? I've tried a lot of vegetable recipes - some good, some bad - and I'll be assembling only my favorites on this blog.  People often ask me if I'm a vegetarian, and I say no - I just love vegetables.

So... a couple of pictures to get your mouth watering... here are some of our homegrown poblano chiles roasting on the grill. One of my favorite vegetables, what a perfect photo.  Nothing says New Mexico in fall like the smell of roasting chile.

We just had our first hard frost here in Albuquerque (at least for where I live, near downtown) and these are the last of our tomatoes - heirloom varieties Brandywine, Yellow Pear, and Mr. Stripey. Those green ones will ripen up in a few weeks on the counter.


Laura said…
I want you to know that your inaugural post did not go unread--I for one went back to check it out. I am so excited to keep up with this blog--especially since we belong to the same CSA and will regularly have to figure out how to deal with the same veggies. And when you start your beef blog, I'll read that too.
Alison said…
I also went back to check it out. Surprise surprise. I am sorry to be missing the bounty...and I'm excited to keep reading about your escapades!
Peta said…
Hi Amy, I can't think of a better topic to blog about! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!! I am reading through your archives at the moment and am excited about trying some of your recipes! I love vegetables too and Owen loves growing them! I have never seen brussel sprouts on a stalk before!! Great photo's!

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